From Creative Commons to Creating Commons

Using the framework of the commons, this article focuses on artistic projects which experiment with the development of their own forms of social production and circulation. Read More

Von Creative Commons zu Creating Commons

Die Theorie der Commons bietet eine produktive Perspektive auf aktuelle künstlerische Projekte, die mit der Entwicklung eigener Formen sozialer Produktion und Zirkulation experimentieren. Read More

“The surplus of sharing cannot be recycled into further growth”

Interview with media theoretician and philosopher Wolfgang Suetzl on sharing, digital abundance and excess. Read More

Nothing New Needs to be Created

A critical examination of Kenneth Goldsmith's claim that, today, archiving and writing have become the same. Sollfrank asks, "what might be the function of such a bold assertion – even if it cannot be substantiated?" Read More

Giving What You Don’t Have (springerin Interview)

In a conversation with Felix Stalder, Cornelia Sollfrank provides background information on her current research project Giving What You Don't Have – a project that explores ideas of peer-to-peer production and distribution in the art context. Read More

Zum Stand der Commons

In einem Gespräch mit Krystian Woznicki (Berliner Gazette) lotet Felix Stalder das aktuelle Interesse an der Theorie und Praxis der Commons aus. Read More

Commons, informational (Dictionary Entry)

For the first time, a major English language social science reference work contains the term 'commons'. Entry into the Wiley-Blackwell Encyclopedia of Sociology (2017) by Felix Stalder. We take it as a sign of the times that, Read More