Networking Institutions. Interview with Z. Blace

Z. Blace talks about Multimedia Institut / MaMa in Zagreb, discussing the work of networking institutions, cultural advocacy and the Read More

Hybrid Spaces. Interview with Panayotis Antoniadis

Panayotis Antoniadis talks about the work of NetHood and how digital infrastructure can help create empowering hybrid spaces in neighbourhoods. Read More

Working with the Paradoxes of Technology, Interview with Marek Tuszynski

In this interview, Marek Tuszynski, one of the two co-founders of Tactical Tech, explains what the goals of their non-profit Read More

Caring for the Public Library, Interview with Marcell Mars & Tomislav Medak

Marcell Mars (researcher and programmer) & Tomislav Medak (philosopher) work together on the project Memory of the World. They use Read More

Expanding Cinema, Interview with Sebatian Lütgert & Jan Gerber

Sebastian Lütgert & Jan Gerber are two artists and programmers who developed the movie database 0xdb and its underlying software Read More

From Notepad to Cultural Resource. The Aesthetics of Crosslinking at Monoskop, Interview with Dušan Barok

Dušan Barok is a researcher, artist and cultural activist based in Amsterdam. His practice involves networked media, participatory events, and Read More

The Practice of Sharing Knowledge, Interview with Sean Dockray

Sean Dockray is an artist and initiator of the knowledge-sharing platforms The Public School and aaaaarg. aaaaarg is an online Read More

Feminist Hackspace. Interview with Patricia Reis and Stephanie Wuschitz

Patricia Reis and Stefanie Wuschitz are the founders and members of the trans*feminist hackspace Mz* Baltazars Laboratory, Vienna in Vienna. Read More

Crowd Benefits. Interview with Mauricio O’Brian

Mauricio O’Brian is a co-founder of, a crowdfunding platform foregrounding collective return. The platform was founded in 2011, and Read More

Ecosystems of Writing. Interview with Michael Murtaugh

Michael Murtaugh on active archives and publishing tools, software practice in the context of art and commoning. Read More

Forms of Ongoingness, Interview with Femke Snelting and spideralex

Interview with Femke Snelting and spideralex, conducted by Cornelia Sollfrank, 16 September 2018, HeK Basel Read More

Publishing as Commons Practice, Interview with Alessandro Ludovico

Interview with Alessandro Ludovico, conducted by Felix Stalder, 16 September 2018, HeK Basel Read More

Producing Organizational Aesthetics, Interview with Olga Goriunova

Interview with Olga Goriunova, conducted by Cornelia Sollfrank, 19 October 2017, HeK Basel Read More

Experimenting with Institutional Formats, Interview with Laurence Rassel

Interview with Laurence Rassel, conducted by Cornelia Sollfrank, 4 March 2018, HeK Basel Read More