Thick Webs & Continuous Relays: Feminist Epistemologies for the Digital Commons

Recordings of the lecture by Isabel de Sena, 11 October 2019, Berlin. Read More

Film as digital object

Recording of the conversation between Sebastian Lütgert and Cornelia Lund, 27 September 2019, Berlin. Read More

Commoning Infrastructures. Promises, challenges, and the role of art. Lecture by Daphne Dragona

Cultural scientist and curator Daphne Dragona talks about alternative community-based network systems and the role art can play in their development. Read More

Laurence Rassel: Rethinking the Art School

"Institution, instituted, instituting, common, commoning." Talk by Laurence Rassel, 1 March 2018, HeK (House of Electronic Arts Basel). Read More

Olga Goriunova: Next few years of art and commons: on idiosyncratic learners and radical lurkers

Cultural theorist, philosopher, and curator Olga Goriunova focus in her talk on the radical differences between the first 15 years Read More