Negotiating Space in Culture and Technology. Interview with Ruth Catlow and Marc Garret.

Ruth Catlow and Marc Garret are the co-founders of furtherfield, an artist-led organisation and community platform located in Finsbury Park, North London. Furtherfield asks critical questions about art and technology, and addresses today’s important questions through exhibitions, labs and debates across many platforms and spaces.

In this interview Ruth and Marc look back how they started from an online community and grew into a multidimensional space for different practises in and through technologies and art culture. They highlight the importance of communities and public space, and how they reflect their concerns in their curatorial practice in todays techno-political situation. They explain how furtherfield is working as a community driven institution, how formats and subjects are developed, how they position themselves in the cultural landscape, and how they manage to get funding. Alongside with these insights into the inner life of furtherfield they provide a detailed discussion about the importance of data as a commons, how this discussion is related to historical event, and what an informed, critical mindset could achieve for the future of us all.

Interview conducted by Cornelia Sollfrank, September 15 2018, HeK (House of Electronic Arts Basel).