Networking Institutions. Interview with Z. Blace

Z. Blace is one of the founders of Multimedia Institut / MaMa in Zagreb.

In this interview, he gives an overview of the activities of Multimedia Institute and it’s public space MaMa in Zagreb until today. He discusses the work of networking institutions and cultural advocacy in the political context of Croatia and draws connections to the discourse around the commons.

Interview conducted by Felix Stalder, March 3, 2018, HeK (House of Electronic Arts Basel).

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Z. Blace

~% Zagreb/Berlin-Stuttgart/Brussels-Ghent

Z. Blace is (in+)consistently working (in-)between fields of contemporary culture and arts, digital technology and media, community sports and activism – by cross-pollinating queer perspectives and methodologies with social and political practices.

Z. Blace co-founded and curated media projects and exhibitions at the Multimedia Institute/MaMa and LABinary in Croatia (1999 – 2008), and Silent*Observers at UCSD in 2006.
He instigated the sport-culture-activism initiatives qSPORT/ in Croatia and in Berlin/Germany. His engagements from 2014 to 2017 include: Pop-up Rainbow with, Kickertables with, & Recommerce/


Josephine Bosma: „contesting/contexting SPORT 2016: Interview with Zeljko Blace“, 2016,


Networking Institutions. Interview with Z. Blace
Conducted by Felix Stalder, 3 March 2018