Commons Are not the Sharing Economy. A comment to Ossewaarde & Reijers (2017)

Ossewaarde, Marinus und Wessel Reijers (2017): „The illusion of the digital commons: ‘False consciousness’ in online alternative economies“, Organization 24/5, Read More

Participation and the commons (in art)

There is an argument to be made that the projects we are looking at here, those that generate commons-like resources, Read More

Organizational Aesthetics: Art Platforms and Cultural Production on the Internet by Olga Goriunova

Art Platforms and Cultural Production on the Internet, Olga Goriunova, Routledge, 2012 Departing from an organizational phenomenon, namely online ‘art Read More

Nothing New Needs to be Created

A critical examination of Kenneth Goldsmith's claim that, today, archiving and writing have become the same. Sollfrank asks, "what might be the function of such a bold assertion – even if it cannot be substantiated?" Read More

The notion of the „commons“

In this research note, I try to clarify what I mean when I use the notion of the „commons“ in Read More
A Framework for Analyzing the Knowledge Commons (KC)

A Framework for Analyzing the Knowledge Commons (KC)

This research note is based on Hess & Ostrom (2007). Not all aspects of their framework are directly relevant to Read More

Die Performativität des Archivs

An der Veranstaltung zum Launch der online-Plattform des Archivs der Shedhalle Zürich sprach die Slavistin Sylvia Sasse über ihre Erfahrungen Read More


Das Archiv in der künstlerischen Forschung Brunner/Hiltbrunner beziehen sich einerseits auf das Anarchiv, als "dichte, komplexe und wertvolle Arbeits- und Read More