Ruth Catlow / Marc Garrett, Furtherfield/DECAL, London

The DAOWO Open Score for Artworld Commoning

Decentralized Autonomous Organisation With Others (DAOWO) is the second wave of global art world restructuring against the toxic cult of the individual-artistic genius. This action first found expression in the punk spirit of networked collaboration called DIWO (Do It With Others). The DAOWO Open Score is an experimental framework for nurturing the artworld commons after Web3.0 at the intersection of three fields of practice: art, commoning and decentralization engineering.

The score template is used to notate the patterns and rhythms of artistic collaboration, resourcing, and dissemination. Other local and distributed communities-of-players can then repeat and improve upon art works, actions and organizations across distance, difference and time. The ultimate aim of DAOWO is to increase the resilience and resourcefulness of connected communities with an increased sense of: agency, imagination and alliances.

# 1 DAOWO Practices booklet