Creating Commons, Shusha Niederberger / Cornelia Sollfrank / Felix Stalder, ZHDK Zürich

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Terms of Use for the Exhibition OPEN SCORES

This score consists of the terms of use for visitors to the OPEN SCORES exhibition. At the entrance to the gallery there is a banner with the list of conditions governing the use of the materials available inside the gallery. By entering the exhibition space, the visitor automatically agrees to these conditions. Following the practice of Internet platforms and software companies that cleverly force their users to agree – often to extensive and incomprehensible terms of use – the exhibition organizers transfer this practice to the physical space of the Gallery. While such terms of use are legally binding on corporate online platforms, Creating Commons seeks a playful approach by obliging visitors to follow certain, sometimes absurd, rules of conduct when entering the exhibition. This gesture draws attention to the sovereign rights associated with regulating access to online and online services.

#16 Display Terms of Use